Thursday, August 27, 2015

Professional help

Thinking of seeing a psychiatrist. I am creating a world that doesn't exist and its driving me crazy. My reality some may say is a good one. Husband who "loves" me. Good children! I guess people like me, so they say. But I am missing something physically and emotionally. I don't think it will ever be fulfilled. After nearly 30 years of not being I don't think it will be so why continue to try!

I need someone to talk to freely without worrying about offending anyone, hurting someone's feelings. I just need to talk and talk freely!!! 

Maybe I am suffering from general anxiety. I don't know, something just isn't right! 

I think I allow my life into some else's hand, not a good thing. 
I am not happy and I see opportunities passing me by but because of my current situation I can't do anything about it! 

Really sucks 

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