Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wanna do something else

Today I feel kinda glum. I wanna change jobs. I have been applying to other places. Driver, patient transport, looking to do some  stuff from home.  I hope it works out. I would rather go home after my first case, sometimes my second case is a bit much to deal with. Imjust need to find some tyoe of supplemnet to make up for the income. I have been trying everything. I am hoping to get back into Tupperware soon. Only $30 to start. I think I will do really well this time, although I said that last time. I just want to do something else, is that wrong? I have been in the medical field for say 10+ years. I enjoy working for myself, just hasn't been steady. Until something else comes along, I'll be doing this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just sitting here

Sometimes I just sit here not knowing what to do. There are days where I would rather be in the bed. Getting up early is getting tired. I think typing on this keyboard because of the  sounds makes me want to type. 

I like this keyboard, sounds just like a real tyoewriter.
Gotta go do some work now. Until next time!

Monday, October 20, 2014

At Library

I like to come here and look at the books. I am not one to read novels, I like the instruction books, the ones that teaches you stuff. Whether it's cooking, learning a new skill or improving an old one.I guess you can say I like learning new things. 

What are some of the things I like to learn: Sewing, crocheting, cooking, mainly baking. Also, love the business books. I like sales. I think sales is a win win situation.

Well my time is up, time for my second case. Oh yeah, I work as a home health aid. Trying to find something else to do. I also realize I get bored quickly with one activity. I guess that's okay!!!

My thoughts

My mind is often wondering off places. I wonder what others are thinking, feeling, have seen in their lifetime. Then I have those moments where I don't care. I guess we all go thru those moments. 

Well this a blog about what goes on in my head. My feelings, thoughts about people, life, things. I invite you to listen to "The Voices In My Head"