Saturday, January 21, 2017

He thinks I'm cheating

So he thinks I'm cheating!!! Had a convo a week ago, a heart to heart if you will! Told me how he thinks!! When I'm out and I take a long time or say I'm going to one of my crafts stores, he thinks I'm elsewhere!!! So I ask with who, he says he doesn't know, anyone!! That's some sh*t!!! He wants to be  back in the "game" I'm good with that but want me to do it first!! Ha!! This man is a real joke!! Yup..time to go!!

I got my notary business, looking for an apartment, so expensive tho, and need a car!! Yeah I can't do this! 

My soul is empty 
I'm unhappy 
I feel lonely

All of who I am not!!! 

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