Thursday, July 7, 2016

In Limbo

What are you suppose to do when you feel like your life is in limbo. What I mean by that is you just exist. Don't feel like you have a true purpose, you're just there! 

I feel caged and trapped, especially when it comes to how I feel! If something is wrong with me my husband says "What's wrong with you now!!" Mmmm what's wrong with me NOW!!! Seriously - that doesn't exactly make me want to open up! Therefore, I don't! So I turn to blogging! Doesn't really help but I get to talk about it! 

Other feelings I have I've been keeping them inside! It's killing me to do so! I tried calling to see a psych but they want insurance which I don't have at the time. Sometimes I just want to just walk until I can't walk anymore. Where would I go, I have no idea. Just somewhere to clear my head. Because if I took the car my daughter might report it stolen! Lol 

You shouldn't be in a relationship that makes you think of suicide just to get out of it! 

My sister recently move to PA, she said I am welcome to come and she'll kidnap me if she needs to! Told her sounds like a plan!

Don't know how to balance out these feelings I have! I need someone who gets me, who wants to take care of me properly, not just financially but emotionally and mentally! Right now, I think we are both just going thru the motions! I am tired of going thru the motions!! Something has to give, I just don't know what or how just yet!! 

Is there someone for ME??? Living like this is driving me insane, literally!!! 

Thanks for listening!!! 

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