Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Being Nurtured

I often try to figure out what's lacking with me! I think I have finally figured it out! My needs are not being nurtured. 

How do I mean that? Well let's go thru a day in a life with me. Everything I do, eat, breath seem to be Social Media! I am constantly posting, seeing who is posting what, thinking maybe I can add something of value to the thought or conversation. 

Now mind you, I have a husband who gives me "attention"! Why in quotes you may ask. Well, he tells me I am beautiful, sexy, all that good stuff....blah blah blah! But my thing is "what are you going to do with me" 

It's like getting a puppy because he is cute! You don't walk him, take him on trips, bathe him, etc, But you're so in love with how his fur feels and how it makes you feel. But how are you making the puppy feel, he comes to play it be petted and you turn it away, or do it begrudgingly. That doesn't feel good so how much more so do people feel when you do that?! 

I've been writing this post for over a day now, lost my thoughts ! 😐

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